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A step away from the world.

Slurpee Remastered
I am a filmmaker with a taco obsession.

I am Writing/Producing/Directing/Acting/Editing a sitcom with vodkachaser called yinznat. Please join and support the show!!

www.yinznat.com of follow us on Facebook!

My Ipod & Sirius Satellite Radio are the soundtracks to my life. I cannot live without them. I've also rediscovered my Love of Pearl Jam. So you can bet that you well catch me at some shows when they tour..

I miss Mitch Hedberg

I love movies and have made a couple of films which you can see over @ my website www.slurpeekingdom.com. I made a star wars fan film for the atom films website annual Star Wars Fan Film Awards. I didnt get accepted. But what do they know? You can enjoy Vader: The Wonder Years and tell me what you think.

You can see all my videos over @ Youtube.. http://www.youtube.com/user/dlocke

I also used to make icons. Which you can see @ theiconplace

I also created the xbox_live community. Feel free to drop on by.

I make icons which you can only see at The Slurpee Kingdom.

My Wishlist because I am broke and I like random surprises...